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Introducing an engaging new BLOG, which will be filled with tips for ALL writers.

Whether you write #novels, #children's #books, #BLOGS, #journalistic stories,#pressreleases, #proposals, #shortstories and so much more, I want to help you transform your writing - make your writing journey an adventure! This adventure is not only for professional #writers, but for #novices alike.

I want to share my tips with you - through my failures, which became the stepping stones to success - we are in this together.

What is unique about my BLOG will be an introduction to the world of shorthand. I will offer tips to help you write at a faster and more efficient pace. I'll provide at least ONE tip from the #SPEED #WRITING world along with time management, book formatting and how all parents can write ANY note or letter in "secret" form.

Shorthand is key for writing those notes for finals (when recorders are not allowed), journalists, authors (outline notes when away from the computer), Susie's Christmas list, that surprise party you're planning and so much more. "Write Like a Ninja" will provide something for everyone and I hope you will join me on this journey!

A few key points to cover - book marketing, book formatting, book covers, time management for moms, #authors, SEO #keyword articles, #socialmediamarketing, #socialmedia platform creations, #website creation, #shorthand, #tips for the small business and more.

I want to create a BLOG that offers something for everyone with monthly posting of one sample SEO BLOG, which will be specific to a different genre.


Ninja Lori



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