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Introducing an engaging new BLOG, which will be filled with tips for ALL writers.

Do you want to save time? Who doesn't.

Whether you write #Webinar notes, #Podcast notes, #Student notetaking for finals, #Diarywriting, #Secretnotes #Novels, #Children's #Books, #BLOGS, #Journalistic Writing #Courtnotes,#Pressreleases, #Proposals, #Shortstories, #Notes with clients - you get the idea - the list is endless. I want to help you transform your writing - make your writing journey an adventure! This adventure is not only for professional #writers, but for #novices alike.

I began learning the art of Shorthand in high school (back in 1983) and I continue to write Shorthand at any opportunity I possibly can. I needed to save time - it started with my grocery list, diary, Christmas list (awesome as my kids had no clue what their holiday gift would be)! Then into my law career with note taking at meetings. I never stopped using it and to this day, my 27-year old daughter becomes frustrated when she is home for a visit and I give her my grocery list.

Shorthand helped me excel in school as I took notes when my instructor taught - I didn't miss a thing.

I want to share my tips with you - through my failures, which became the stepping stones to success.

What is unique about my BLOG will be an introduction to the world of Shorthand. I will offer tips to help you write at a faster and more efficient pace. I'll provide at least ONE tip from the #SPEED #WRITING world along with time management, links to my upcoming YouTube channel (in progress) and how all parents can write ANY note or letter in "secret" form.

Shorthand is key for writing those notes - Webinars, Podcasts, Students, (when recorders are not allowed), Journalists, Authors (outline notes when away from the computer), Entrepreneurs, Christmas list, That surprise party you're planning - literally anyone who writes. "Roadrunner Writing " will provide something for everyone and I hope you will join me on this journey!

I want to create a BLOG that offers something for everyone offering monthly posting of one business link (to help market my supporters), which will be specific to a different genre.


Roadrunner Lori

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