About Me 

Bettering the World with Words

I left a dead-end job that brought me zero peace and knew it was time to make drastic changes that returned my peace. No one will do it for me or any of us. I left the only home I knew and followed the path I felt was always intended for me. Writing.


Being a true crime write for the news, I balance the chaos in my brain by writing children’s books and relatable stories for my reflective column in The Lake County Bloom:  https://www.lakecountybloom.com/category/columns/lori-armstrong/


My primary focus is to WRITE FOR CHANGE and write relatable and REALISTIC experiences that can help others get through this thing called life with peace, humor and acceptance.

I divide my writing time with ghostwriting, editing, book coaching and publishing. Editing projects range from books, employee handbooks, legal handbooks, PhD. Dissertation papers and more.

Being a published court reporter, covering criminal court stories for the media with weekly publications of harsh realities and truths, a book series of the true crime stories is in the works.



My most personal novel, When the Puppet Strings Break, is based on a true story filled with struggles and triumphs, as my son and I left the only home we knew. The novel can be read on Readict https://apps.apple.com/us/app/readict-novels-and-more/id1499605819 and https://simily.co/members/loriwrites/blog/


A few months later, I was hired by Michael Jackson’s friend and manager of his Neverland Amusement Park to compose our book of his warm memories with Michael, having the real Billie Jean arrested at Neverland, never-before-seen-pictures and so much more. We combined our book project into a widely read book, Behind the Gates of Neverland – Conversations with Michael Jackson, available on Amazon.


Another project in the works is a children’s book series, which details the obstacles and revelations of a beloved wild turkey as he battles through bullies, misunderstandings, self-worth and domineering personalities. The Adventures of Bubbly Jock is a 4-book series with the first award winning book, Bubbly Jock Jack and the Thanksgiving Fallacy available on Amazon.


​The Wizard of Oz has always been close to my heart - while there is no place like home, we should look no further than within ourselves, discovering we have the power all along to succeed.