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Behind the Gates of Neverland - Conversations with Michael Jackson is a sweet and simple memoir  about the human side of Michael Jackson........a hidden side which many of his fans were not able to see. The conversations with Michael were during the era of  1988-1996 and told through the kind eyes, open ears and straightforward hand-written notes of Michael's friend and Neverland Amusement Park Manager, Ray Robledo.  

This magical book shares the time Ray had the real Billie Jean arrested for trespassing on Neverland, visits from the Jackson family, Elizabeth Taylor's wedding, the spirit of "George" that roamed through Michael's home and Neverland property  - and so much more.

This unique memoir has been endorsed by the Michael Jackson Worldwide Network and includes ALL of Michael's extraordinary humanitarian work.  If you enjoy reading light-hearted memoirs without the rumor-provoking gossip - this book belongs in your library. Simple. Sweet. Michael. 

Michael's fans from all over the world have voiced their approval and enjoyment of reading Behind the Gates of Neverland and for that - we thank you.

When the Puppet Strings Break 8af646692ca12fe7f288b41f9f6990b3.jpg

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STAY TUNED FOR Book 2 -  When the Magic Died at Neverland

 More memories shared by Ray with Micheal & Macaulay Culkin, their lazy days of summer at Neverland, the dunk tank, water fort fun and the sad days when "YES MEN" steal Michael's property and so much more.

STAY TUNED FOR Book 2 - Bubbly-Jock Jack and the Brash Bully

Meet Bubbly-Jock Jack - a well-loved turkey at the Cluck Cluck Farm who faces his fears. What will Jack do when he encounters a bully turkey filled with ego that bullies Jack and other animals all over town? He realizes he serves a purpose on the farm and he can make a difference. Bullying is toxic and can last a lifetime for some - yes, even turkeys.

#Believeinyourself  #Stopbullies

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