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Lori can design a customized book marketing plan for you, starting with your first step down to the very last detail. Including: 

  • Outline process (record vs bullet point outline)

  • Book cover

  • Front matter/Back matter

  • E-books/Paperback (or both)

  • Self-Publish vs Traditional Publish

  • Book size, pricing, press release, best book promotions for your budget, radio show options

     and so much more

All book marketing plans have you professional target audience in mind!

What People Say

Lori was very professional. She created a proposal for my project and while we spoke she realized that she wouldn't be the right person for my needs. She provided me with several other avenues which might be of help. I appreciate her advice. 

Debra K.

Very engaging and delivered value-added advice for briskness growth. She's a great asset for anyone!

Kiara T.

Great Help

Carmen M.

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