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What is the Best Book Club for You?

There are several types of book clubs – some are found online and other book clubs are more social “meet-up” book clubs. The question to ask yourself is if you are more of a social butterfly or would you rather communicate with other readers within the convenience of your own home.

That being said, consider the benefits a book can bring with abundant enrichment in various ways. Books provide strength, empowerment, wisdom, joy, laughter, imagination, thought-provoking mystique and so much more.

While books provide benefits to our lives, there is an additional advantage through the support of book clubs.

If you have a need to be more connected with your community and share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded readers as yourself, a “meet up” book club may be for you.

Below is a link to get you started on this wonderful journey of endless

book clubs. Simply provide your location, enter “Book Clubs” and you are on your way.

Most book clubs are well thought out and represent a unique style of book selections – some of my favorites are the memoir groups, mystery and the silent book club. Yes, a silent book club – this group is for that person who runs a hectic household with constant interruptions at home, needing to physically remove themselves from the house in order to find peace to read.

The Silent Book Club is definitely for introverts – just bring your book, your favorite beverage and settle in for a couple hours of silent reading with fellow introverts. We all need to discover our unique peace – it is not for everyone but on some days it can be the perfect end to a hectic day.

Take your time, enjoy the search and do something positive for your mind, body and soul.

For those of you who are short on time with a more hectic schedule, online book clubs may be perfect for you. Here are some of the best book clubs within the online community that offer a book lover enjoyment anytime, anywhere in the world.

Book Baristas

This unique online book club offers more than just a selected book to read. They bring together readers, coffee shops, book recommendations – even offering an occasional giveaway.

In order to join this book club, all you need to do is connect through Instagram. The Book Barista Instagram page will post new book recommendations every few days also providing the book’s synopsis and any questions, opinions and/or insight the reader(s) may have regarding a specific book.

This widely followed book club was created by Natasha Minosa, which offers book reviews, informative blog content and more. Book Barista focuses on adult fiction, thriller, new adult and young adult genres that are quite impressive.

The Social Book Club

If you enjoy reading books filled with history and culture, The Social Book Club may be for you. This book club also accepts touching fictional stories, autobiographies and biographies – unique stories that connect us all.

The Social Book Club caters to the needs of a growing online generation, while encouraging book club readers to share their journeys and comments regarding that month’s book selection.

This highly followed book club was created by Lizzy Jensen and you can become a member through Facebook (The Social Book Club) and/or Instagram (#thesocialbookclub).

PureWOW Book Club

There is no set theme or genre at the PureWOW Book Club.

Guest hosts change monthly, focusing on one book every month, offering motivational pictures designed to get the reader in the mood to read.

The first of two generous offerings at the PureWOW Book Club is their Wednesday giveaway, where one lucky follower is selected to receive the book recommendation of the week. The second offering is when the person who received the first giveaway of the month is awarded the current book club read!

You can join through Facebook (PureWOW Book Club) and/or Instagram (#PureWowBookClub).


BookSparks has a mission – “to spark conversations about books and authors in fun, fresh ways.”

While you are encouraged to interact with group readers through Instagram (#booksparks) and Facebook (BookSparks), this book club also provides a website filled with engaging blog posts and publication services for author clients. They even moderate a variety of book clubs on their Instagram page (@booksparks).

BookSparks remains the go-to destination for summer reading, staying abreast of the most highly followed books.

If you are looking for a unique collection of memoirs and stories, I invite you to take a journey with me and visit my book page. While my first two memoirs are co-authored, I have recently changed my direction, publishing a children’s book. I still ghostwrite and love to mix-up my writing! This month I am giving away themed puzzles

(from my latest children’s book) and there is still plenty of time to enter!

Thank you everyone for your continued support. #Grateful

Please contact me here if interested in receiving my monthly newsletter:

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