Bubbly Jock Jack is unlike any other animal at the Cluck Cluck Farm. While his turkey family is not interested in mingling with the guests at the farm, Jack enjoys making new friends. When Jack overhears a young girl speak of the horrors of turkeys being eaten at Thanksgiving, he becomes worried and devises a brilliant turkey plan. Jack must convince the farmer that he serves a purpose at the farm but it is the farmer that guides him to realize his true purpose. Jack also learns that all humans are not alike.


This 3,553-word book is an entertaining and humorous story that teaches children the importance of knowing their self worth. Everyone matters. Everyone deserves the chance to embrace their self worth. 


BUBBLY JOCK JACK AND THE THANKSGIVING FALLACY not only explores the universal theme of being true to oneself and knowing your self-worth. Six to ten-year-old fans will be introduced to the topic of kindness to animals and  plant-based options. This book is in no way "preachy" or driven by a right or wrong way to live your life. This book is more about options our children can be introduced to., allowing them to understand and appreciate the differences of the human race.

I have been reaching out to plant-based platforms and animal sanctuaries, receiving such a warm and welcoming response.


I appreciate your interest in Bubbly-Jock Jack and look forward to hearing from you! 

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Bubbly Jock Jack and the Thanksgiving Fallacy

By: Lori A. Armstrong

There once was a wild turkey that lived on a farm. It was the only community farm in the small little country town with acres and acres of rolling hills and pastures.

Bubbly Jock Jack was a wild turkey and he followed Farmer Craig at the Cluck Cluck Farm on sunny days, rainy days and all of the days in between. Jack lived at the farm with his family and friends in the turkey forest – located among the mature oaks and sycamore trees.

Since wild turkeys inherited bad eyesight, they slept in the trees at night to provide them protection from predators that roamed the farm at night. There were coyotes and mountain lions that traveled down from the mountains at dusk and onto the farm. Luckily, no animal was ever harmed.

Farmer Craig and his family migrated from Scotland many years ago and this traditional Scottish family called the male turkeys by their rightful Scottish name – “Bubbly-jocks.” They were especially attached to the well-loved turkey, Bubbly Jock Jack.

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 The farmer's children, Bree Bree, Larry & Karson would perform their daily farm chores and Jack happily made the rounds with   them.  He followed the farmer and his family on the farm every chance he had.   

 “Come now Bubbly Jock – it’s time to feed the chickens, ” said Larry.

 “Gobble Gobble,” was all Larry heard but in Jack’s turkey mind he was saying, “Here I come.”  

 Halloween was only two days away and every local in town knew the Cluck Cluck Farm had the best selection 

 of pumpkins and the spookiest corn maze this side of the Sierra Mountains.

 Bubbly Jock Jack became excited as he heard the visitors drive into the farm’s parking lot – the tires spun in                                                      the gravel, leaving a cloud of dust. Jack waddled and spun his quirky jerky head around, trying to find Farmer


 The Cluck Cluck Farm visitors chuckled as they watched the awkward Bubbly Jock stammer from the cloud of dust and 

 regain his balance.


 They noticed he was about to walk face first into a garbage can.  


 “Look out,” one of the children shouted.

 It was too late. Jack hit that can so hard he saw stars. Bubbly Jock Jack rose to his long over-sized toes and waited for someone to remove the garbage can lid.  (Turkeys walk on their toes like chickens). He knew they would see it was filled with cracked corn, millet, wheat, seeds and grain and it was the perfect bird   seed mixture for a hungry turkey like Jack.

 He pecked at the side of the can with his beak. It made a loud tin sound that made everyone in the parking lot turn around.

 A little girl with bright red hair and freckles ran to Bubbly Jock and got down on her knees.

 “What is it little guy? Are you hungry?”

                                                                                          Jack pecked on the can again and again, until the little girl pulled off the lid from the large tin                                                                                            can. She rose to her tip toes, reached into the can and grabbed the large white scoop. She                                                                                                accidentally flicked some of the seed into Jack’s eyes.

                                                                                          “Gobble Gobble,” Jack cried, but his turkey brain really asked, “What did you do that for?”


                                                                                          He pecked at the ground and shook his head from side to side, trying to remove the seed                                                                                                   from his eyes. The little girl laughed and wrapped her arms around the startled turkey.

                                                                                         “Abigail – put the lid down. It’s time to pick out our pumpkin!”

                                                                                          TO BE CONTINUED...



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