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My primary focus is to WRITE FOR CHANGE & write relatable & REALISTIC experiences that can help others get through this thing called life with peace, humor & acceptance


Book In Progress. Share With Me.

We can be the voice for animals. It's time we punish the other end of the leash and share our support of all dog breeds. Don't Bully Any Breed will be a unique book filled with photos of your dogs, your insight, stories, insight, researched stats, dog training tips and what we can do to support banned breeds.


I have received several photos, stories and input for this upcoming book and want to hear from you, too. Join us and have your dogs published!


Updates & Messaging for Don't Bully Any Breed at 


About Me

Bettering the World with Words

I left a dead-end job that brought me zero peace and knew it was time to make drastic changes that returned my peace. No one will do it for me or any of us.


I left the only home I knew and followed the path I felt was always intended for me. Writing.


Being a true crime write for the news, I balance the chaos in my brain by writing children’s books and relatable stories for my reflective column in The Lake County Bloom:


My primary focus is to WRITE FOR CHANGE and write relatable and REALISTIC experiences that can help others get through this thing called life with peace, humor and acceptance.



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Being a true-crime writer for the news, I balance the chaos in my brain by writing children's books.

  I specialize as a ghostwriter, editor and book formatter.

                                              WHO WANTS TO BE MORE EFFICIENT?                                               

Shorthand courses will be introduced soon to help you save time and write faster Courses will be introduced Winter of 2022  



I offer ghostwriting, editing, book coaching and publishing. Editing projects range from books, employee handbooks, legal handbooks, PhD. Dissertation papers and more.

Book Coaching

Book Coaching

Allows you to work on a more flexible budget, allowing the option to consult whenever you feel.

Ghostwriting Services


Ghostwriting will capture your vision, creating a unique & professional manuscript that gets noticed.  

Book Formatting

Book Formatting


-Format your masterpiece

-Publish to Amazon Worldwide 

-Print on Demand for Book Signings, Book Festivals, etc

Book Marketing and Publicity

Book Marketing

Lori can design a customized book marketing plan for you, starting with your first step down to the very last detail.

Professional Book Editing


Includes a complete edit:

-Copy Editing

-Line Editing (flow and grammar)

-Fact Checking (keeping you legal)

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn Optimization

Lori will improve your LinkedIn platform, increasing either job targets or sales 

Professional Resume Writing

Resume Writing

All of Lori's resumes include keyword optimization, industry skills research delivered timely. Resume samples provided on request.




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Lori Armstrong


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