While there are a multitude of motorcycle enthusiasts in the world, George Pullen wants the world to know not all motorcycle riders are men.


To further understand how his unique story begins, one must travel back to the beginning…


George’s memory took him back to an adventurous road trip from California to Arizona. He learned quickly that a kid on a modest Yamaha should think twice before driving through a serious pack of Hells Angels. It was during his recollection of those challenging days that his imagination led him to the wonderment of the possibility that female motorcycle riders may endure similar trials and tribulations.


The imagination of this amazing writer was in overdrive throughout these past several years as he combined many of his true-life experiences and related them to the core of this unique story.


Before the story begins…George hired me to compose, edit and publish his story and while doing so, I had a vision. This was the addition of real-life female riders who are also dedicated to riding and share a love for adventure, freedom and passion of riding.


You will read heartfelt quotes, pictures and yes, even websites of sixteen incredible women who all share a love for riding. These women, Beatrice McGill, Lori Stegle, Chris Keeble, Debbie Boyer, Val Weston, Deidre Morales, Terri Trotter, Wendy Hay, Kim Bishop, “Cricket” (Leslie) Hess, Kimberly Courtney, Kerri Dougherty, Christie Ackmann, Sabra Ann Stark and Kim Moore.


Thank you for joining us on this one-of-a-kind story and read about the thriving women who love to ride - just as Chris, the fearless main character in Harsher Side of Night.

A huge personal shout-out to all of the women who contributed to this book and may you “ride on” until the wheels fall off.


                                                     Lori Armstrong


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