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Lori has traveled to the moon and back, visited the magnificent pyramids and was present at every World Series game.

While this is obviously a fantastic-fictional idea, she reminisces of her fantasies on paper. #Storytelling

Her manuscripts are growing as she has composed Snake Man - The Mob Side, (based on the true-story of a real-life mobster),Behind the Gates of Neverland - Conversations with Michael Jackson, Harsher Side of Night, with a series of children's books in the works, Bubbly-Jock Jack and the Thanksgiving Fallacy, Shenanigan Hannigan and more.

She divides her writing time with editing, having edited MaduSoul's Crossing 

by Azyreay'l (a novel filled with suspense, leaving you thinking), The Big Cancer (an in-depth novel writing by an oncologist in Texas with actual cures and ways we can defeat the ugly word we know as CANCER) and many other editing projects - including PhD. dissertation papers, employee handbooks, legal handbooks and more.

Lori is also a published court reporter, covering criminal court stories for her local paper with weekly publications of reality and truths. Stay tuned for a book series of crime stories based on true real-life crime.

Her creativity has allowed her to create websites, provide SEO keyword articles to several CEOs and authors as she is passionate about teaching other authors and businesses how to increase their following and sales.

One of her latest projects has been formatting books on Amazon for not only herself but other authors - creating the book cover, foreword, price setting, front/back matter and more. Many times Lori markets the book for her clients through press releases, social media platform creation & posting maintenance to name a few.

"The Wizard of Oz has always been close to my heart - while there is no place like home, we should look no further than within ourselves, discovering we had the power to succeed all along." 

                                                - Lori Armstrong

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